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We manage real estate for short-term rentals


Platform AIRBNB

• We position your unit correctly on the Airbnb platform.
• We make it possible for you to earn additional income without worries.
• We make your heritage generate more profit.

For whom?

• People who are already familiar with Airbnb and can make their own listings but don’t have time to deliver and collect keys from guests.
• People who do not know the use of the platform but have a property and require full assistance.
• People who do not know the use of the platform or do not live in the city but have a property and require full assistance.
• Investors who bought a property and want to start receiving dividends as soon as possible.

Standard Service

• Designed for people who know how to use and manage the Airbnb application 100%, who know its benefits and already have properties with ads, but due to lack of time they cannot deliver the keys to guests.
• We are co-host on the app.
• We do not take any action on your ad.
• At the moment you have a reservation you contact us directly to deliver the keys to the guest.
• Tour of the property, suggestions and explanation of rules.
• Once the reservation is finished, we collect the keys and it will be verified that the property is delivered without any damage.
• We will take care of the cleaning.

Premium service

• We carry out a market study of the area and we suggest an approximate value
competitive based on supply and demand.
• We will take professional photos
• The announcement will be made on the Airbnb platform with the rules that you indicate to us
• We answer guest messages
• We manage reservations
• We solve any problem that may arise with guests
• We help pay for all services and keep your property up to date.
• Security visits on some of the days that your property is not reserved to make sure everything is okay.


Did you buy an investment property?

• We visit the property.
• We analyze and give necessary advice for the decoration of furniture and necessary adaptations of the property.
• We minimize the investment but having all the necessary elements that an Airbnb traveler looks for when using hosting.
• This consultancy will be charged with a fixed value according to the area of ​​the property.

Interior Design Consultancy

We propose accompaniment and advice on the look and type of furniture that rooms and social areas should have, according to market needs, public diversification, platform requirements and/or availability of acquisition.

Activities that we would develop:

• Market study of the sector (What is currently offered on the platform?)
• Analysis of rooms by occupancy
• Analysis of social areas by functionality
• Search for references (Look)
• List and approx ppto of furniture per space
• Provider information at hand

Airbnb Platform Consulting

We propose advice and accompaniment in the process of listing spaces as Host Profile on the Airbnb platform for short rental systems.

Activities that we would develop:

• Market study of the sector (What is currently offered on the platform?)
• Analysis of rooms by occupancy
• Analysis of social areas by functionality
• Search for references (Look)
• List and approx ppto of furniture per space
• Provider information at hand

Administration Cohost

The accompaniment is proposed during the first 6 months in the administration of the listed spaces, applying tips for the management of the spaces, with the objective of being a SuperHost during the first 3 months and obtaining better results and/or greater positioning.

• Creation of Concierge system
• Creation of cleaning method
• Response to digital requests

Value 15% of income/Month (6-month contract)

Service Comparison

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