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“NEAT” means New Environment for Assets Transformation. We are passionate about having family time, do sports and find opportunities in Real Estate to manage, transform and promote. We create trending projects with specific use for our interest group, providing them with strategies that allow them to improve their profitability of family assets.



Our purpose is to be the ally of families in planning their future through real estate and in the creation of a portfolio that transcends generations.

– At our company, we are committed to helping families build a solid and lasting heritage through a “cluster” of real estate portfolio.
We offer innovative solutions that allow them to save and optimize their money, at the same time that we offer them a personalized, close and trustworthy service.

– We strive to be a sustainable and long-term business, which always seeks to innovate the real estate opportunities and create value for our clients.

– We pride ourselves on being creative in designing solutions so that wealthy families or individuals building wealth can leave a legacy for their children.

– As a lifestyle business, our focus is not only on offering a high-quality and specialized service, but also on incorporating our lifestyle into the way We do our work. This allows us to have a unique and real-time perspective of the market in which we operate.

– By playing outdoor sports and visiting areas, we have the opportunity to explore new areas and meet the people who live there. This gives us a competitive advantage by identifying development opportunities or possible obstacles in the market.

– By incorporating our lifestyle into work, we are also adding a personal touch to our company by setting an example and offering a unique experience for our customers. This personalized perspective helps us build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients.


We created a series of real estate strategies “Cluster” based on a personal need that mixed real estate, transformation, technology, currencies, administration and customer service. One of the results was tourism: we bought the property, transformed it, promoted it professionally on technological platforms and generated its profitability in dollars through our exchange platform.

Also, the Cluster of the real estate portfolio in dollars, as we have called it, consists of giving these families these opportunities:

✅ Access to projects in pre-construction with strategy
✅ Real estate purchase for short term rentals.
✅ Transformation with modern and high-tech designs.
✅ We formulate and manage your project.
✅ New construction homes.

The difference between this formula and the traditional model is that people would have to access each of these services separately, which creates a costly process in terms of coordination and paperwork, while our cluster formula:

✅ It’s faster.
✅ In one place.
✅ Generate more savings.
✅ Local or international attention.


We are a reliable real estate transaction PLATFORM, which already has an inventory of properties in Cartagena, San Andrés, Cali, Santa Marta, Medellin, Bogota, Barranquilla, Miami, Tampa and, soon, Orlando and Atlanta.

We invite you to carry out business in tourism professionally, among others and get good returns with income in dollars to:

– People who want to protect the family heritage.
– Property owners in 7 cities in Colombia who want monthly income.
– People abroad want to buy their rest or retirement home in Colombia.

We have the infrastructure to mitigate exchange risk, since we receive all payments in dollars.


We are a Colombo-American organization with 13 years in the real estate business and short term rental, We are passionate about finding and transforming real estate opportunities with particular and exclusive details.
We love to travel, sports and always want to have a pleasant experience finding the perfect spaces for our travels. As hosts, we recreate the best experiences so our guests can have a comfortable trip when they visit the NEAT GROUP properties.

• Design • Transform • Manage | Good vibes

Meet Our Team


– We carry out experiential market studies in each city every 3 months, evaluating the behavior of the value of M2 or SQFT and relating it to the behavior of short rental rates. We develop our own algorithm to know the maximum price that we can offer to guarantee the expected profitability.

– We monitor the behavior of our occupation on a daily basis, we apply dynamic pricing strategies, depending on the season of the year, national holidays, international holidays, recess weeks and important events in the city. We managed to maintain occupations between 5% and 10% above the city average.

– Customer service is essential, our promise is to maintain an average response time of less than 5 minutes, this builds trust with guests, improves their experience, they buy back with us and we increase our customer base

– We work hard on the look and feel of our apartments, we understand that it is a digital consumer business and that is why we maximize the added value of interior design and decoration of our apartments through art in photography and audiovisual material.

– For 80% of people when they think of vacations, their first option will be in a place with a sun, beach and sea, we focus on cities with these characteristics. In addition to complexes and apartments with very good wet amenities.


What are the reasons for the expansion of @NEAT DESIGN GROUP?

The internationalization of the company can respond to different motivations:

1. Accompany Latin American families in the process who wish to start a strategy of asset protection in Miami / Dollars.
2. Extend operations to new markets outside their country of origin.
3. Growth of the company.
4. Better economic income in a more stable currency.
5. Valuation of the company.
6. Country risk diversification and currency devaluation.

In any case, this exit abroad is strongly influenced by the globalization of the economy, currency exchange, the growth of outsourcing and the advancement of communications.




Customer orientation

Team work




/ You will have personalized consulting, transforming your ideas to achieve your goals.
/ We analyze, present and suggest real estate opportunities.
/ Innovative and profitable real estate opportunities in the short, medium and long term.
/ We transform your real estate assets and manage short rentals.
/ We design, make feasible and market real estate projects.
/ We manage brands directly for stores and commercial projects.
/ We suggest opportunities and strategies to grow your family’s heritage and legacy.
/ We create opportunities for integrated rental and valuation.
/ We generate controlled opportunities with low risk.
/ Forget traffic, service and immediate attention.
/ Formulate your virtual business with strategic campaigns and digital sales.
/ We design strategies and communication with Neuroventas.
/ We save coordination time in purchases and execution.
/ We offer comprehensive service in one place.


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